artist history
studio 5
Andrew Leppard BA Hons

1959 born Elgin, Scotland
1977 Foundation studies at Farnham College of Art, Surrey
1978 working in Georgia USA , Argentina and The Hebrides
1979-82 BA hons Degree at Cheltenham College of Art 1979-82
1983 studio on Islington Green, London N1
1984 St Lucia, West Indies
1985 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1986 studio in Wandsworth, London SW11
1987 studio in Rothbury, Northumberland
1988-90 studio in Edinburgh
1990-94 Ubud, Bali
1995 Jogyakarta, Java
1995-2018 St Michaels Studios, Bridport, Dorset
2018- studio La Chartre sur Le Loir, France


1978 Ebone Gallery, Savannah, USA
1980 Cheltenham Arts Centre
1983 Mario Fletcher, London N1
1984 The Hummingbird and La Toc Hotel, St Lucia
1985 The Broker, London EC3
1986 The Latchmere Theatre, London SW11
1988 The Guild of Visual Arts, York
1989 The Caloust Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle
1989 Kingfisher Gallery, Edinburgh
1990 The Chelsea Gallery, London SW6
1992 The Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bali
1993 Komala Gallery, Bali
1994 Edwins Gallery, Jakarta, Java
1999 Hanging Space Gallery, London N16
2000 Shottercombe Arts, Hampshire
2004 Art Village, Bridport Arts Centre
2012 + 2014 Eype Centre for the Arts. Dorset
1998-2018 Bridport Open Studios
2018 Garden Court Chambers, London EC1
2018 Musee Adzak, Paris 14

Andrew was commissioned by the Ritz Hotel in 1983 and his work has been collected by a range of art patrons including the Earl of Radnor, Longford Castle, Joop Ave, Minister of Tourism Indonesia, and Eric Fellner, producer of The Theory of Everything, Atonement, Elizabeth etc,.

The Work:

The distinctive palette, outlook, and subjects of Andrew's work stem from a wealth of inspiration gained from observing figures in natural surroundings, for the first time specifically in 1984, while living in St Lucia, West Indies.
The close integration of people with a natural environment has become a recurring theme, readily exploited particularly while living in Indonesia 1990-1995

Andrew has since sought to distill the essence of classic figurative art, abstract expressionism, theatre, and mythology.
Suggestion, ambiguity, reflection and interaction- these are the elements that take his subjects further into our sub-conscious through broken fields of colour, meandering lines, and radiant light.
[i]'Is your work figurative or Abstract? For me, it's exactly the area between the two that I feel is so under-valued, perhaps as a result of these very fixed formats. It's true to say I enjoy each of these categories, always working alongside each other and feeding each other, but what I think really matters is the energy- painting has a purpose to convey something much more than the physical appearance.'

Andrew is co-founder of St Michaels Studios in Bridport.
In July 2018 his studio at St Michaels was totally destroyed by fire.
He now lives and works mainly in the Loire Valley, France


These are all original paintings (oil) on paper.
Layers of oil paint are applied, manipulated, scraped away and drawn into before a reverse image is hand printed onto paper. Only one image is produced.