Andrew Leppard


Following BA Hons Degree in 1982 Andrew set up his first studio in Islington Green, London where he began to experiment with painting techniques, mixed-media, ceramics, film-making and music. But 1984 was the year in which his artistic life really took off.

Andrew moved to the West Indies to sketch and paint in a small fishing village, living directly in the shadow of the ‘Pitons’ (volcanic mountains rising from the sea) on the island of St Lucia. This would promise to be the most formative period, rooted in direct observation of the figure, street-life and man’s close integration with the natural environment.

Here, the first of several tropical locations, a warm, earthy palette evolved, and together with the use of deep tones and radiant light, a striking physicality emerged which went on to become his trademark.

In terms of influence, he has consistently sort to distill a wide range of disciplines from primitive to contemporary art, from the classic masters to gestural abstraction. The figure being central to his work, he regularly paints direct from the model, while still breaking from the observational process to use both paint and the imagination freely.

‘In crossing regularly from figurative to abstract and back again, I find I am able to raise my ability to articulate the subconscious and reduce a cluttered world to the essence of what really matters.’

Andrew has worked and exhibited internationally for 40 years including in; the USA, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Brazil, the Caribbean, Dorset, France, and most notably in Bali and Java, Indonesia over 5 years.

In 1994 he found himself to be a single parent of beautiful one year old twin daughters, consequently returning to the UK in 1995.

Working almost exclusively in oils, Andrew has developed a technique of painting on glass and printing direct on to black cartridge paper. This can be described as ‘Monoprinting’ but the process still results in a limited edition of just one! These spontaneous images evolve in unpredicted ways and are often developed further with over-painting  to achieve optimum balance and impact.

‘Every piece of work must be a journey of discovery, with all the risks and rewards of a new experience.’


Living and working in Loire Valley, France and Bridport, Dorset, UK


His studio at St Michaels was totally destroyed by fire after 20 years participating in Dorset Art Weeks and Bridport Open Studios


Andrew co-founded St Michaels Studios in Bridport, Dorset


Studios in Bali and Java, Indonesia

Work collected by Joop Ave, Minister of Tourism, Indonesia

Commissioned by the Earl of Radnor, Longford Castle, Salisbury


Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland


Studio in Rothbury, Northumberland


Studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Studio in St Lucia, Caribbean


Studio on Islington Green N1

Commissioned by Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly


Cheltenham College of Art, attaining a BA Hons Degree


Art at Surrey College of Art, Farnham, Art Foundation

Working in Savannah, Georgia, USA, and Patagonia, Argentina


Winner Longmuir Art Prize, Sherborne School


Born Elgin, Scotland