Andrew Leppard

Figurative or Abstract, it’s exactly the area between the two that interests me. What I think really matters is the energy – painting has a purpose to convey something much more than the physical appearance.


The Work

The distinctive palette, outlook, and subjects of Andrew’s work stem from a wealth of inspiration gained from observing figures in closely integrated natural surroundings, specifically from 1984, while living in St Lucia, West Indies, later in Brazil 1986, and in Indonesia 1990-1995

Andrew has since sought to distill the essence of classic figurative art, abstract expressionism, theatrical imagery, and mythology, while often working directly from the model.
Suggestion, ambiguity, reflection and interaction- these are the elements that take his subjects further into our sub-conscious through broken fields of colour, meandering lines, and radiant light.


Visit studio by appointment:

9 Rue de Chatillon,
La Chartre sur le Loir,
Sarthe, 72340, France